Leaving Cycle (1; 2; 3)

  1. Triptych

Disappearances-leaving, going away 

Date: 2019

Techniques:  Assembly of digitally modified photos, printing on canvas, oil             painting

                  Size: 115 x 84 cm 

Glow in the Night

Date: 2021

      Techniques:  Assembly of photos, printing on photo paper, plexiglass

                  Size: 48 x 79 cm  


Date: 2019

      Techniques:  Drawings, digitization, work with Photoshop, print on plexiglass

      Size: 76 x 101 cm

Lost in Waste

      Date : 2021

Techniques:  Drawing and collage, digitization, work with Photoshop, print on photo paper, plexiglass

                  Size: 76 x 101 cm  


Date: 2021

      Techniques:  Drawing, digitization, work with Photoshop, print on photo paper,  plexiglass

                  Size: 76 x 101 cm 

Vanishing Totem

Date : 2022

      Technique:  Drawing

                  Size: 25 x 38 cm 

Magic totems

Date : 2022

Techniques:  Drawings and collage , digitization, work with Photoshop, print on plexiglass

                  Size: 76 x 101 cm 


      Exhibition Views – solo exhibition – Globe Vision eyewear galleries – from October 5 to 28, 2021 

Danielle Ouellet


Born in 1956, in Saint-Raymond in the Province of Quebec in Canada. For several years, she lives in Montréal. Manager in various positions, in IT, product management and project delivery in the financial sector, this responsibility will lead her to live for some time in the Bahamas and Hong Kong. Her professional skills will allow her to access the Vice-presidency of Cognicase Inc. then the National Bank of Canada.

Her interest in art has always been very present, after her career in finance, she will undertake in September 2013 a certificate in plastic arts then will obtain in 2020 a bachelor’s degree in Visual and media arts – artistic practices at UQÀM (University of Quebec in Montréal).

This training is mainly oriented towards two axes: creativity and meaning. It is during these apprenticeships that she will experiment with Adobe tools to manipulate and create strong images.

Thus, she will develop an interest and a deep feeling for the transformation of habitats and the survival of animals. The pandemic has also deeply affected her, now seeing an expansion of the effects of global warming on humans, influencing her creation in a personal way.

A strong interest in drawing is found at the base of her work in recent years.

The objective of her work is to bring the public to feel the emotions of the different actors affected by these events, to understand the wall, the abrupt end that could occur but also how it transforms the different actors. Is appreciate in her works the strength, the aesthetics, the movement, the aerial side and the detail of the images. Currently closer to black and white, she makes a return to colour over the course of her works. She feels the influence of colour and movement of the works of Yayoi Kusama and Hilma of Klint as well as the imagination of the drawings of François Morelli and Julie Ouellet. 

In October 2021, she made her first solo exhibition which allows her to exchange with visitors and thus receive the perception and interest of her artistic production.