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Artist Statement

Maybe Our Mother Didn’t Want Us

During all historical periods which we can reach, Parenthood was amongst the most important things that a Human should be aiming for in their life. But nowadays there are more and more people that are questioning or even declining this possibility. Exploring the archetype that bonds mother and children I want to connect this nowadays massive phenomenon with the state of our planet in general.

In the digital century time and space are shrinking, and some changes that used to be smooth – once, or at least seemed so, are speeding up lately. As long as we can remember, humanity constantly battled Nature, and now Nature is agonizing. Every child echoes its mother’s mood. Following this, can we imagine that the same is happening on a planetary scale and we as human beings are echoing the Planet state? The disappointment in ourselves, the blooming of mental health diseases, the increasing population of the ignorant. The figure of a Parent is essential to human beings. And yet, what does the chain between generations really mean? Perhaps, consciousness is just a side effect of evolution that serves the improvement of DNA. Intelligence is a self-knowledge tool for the Universe, and humanity is an artificial neural network (ANN) for calculating and modeling. Whilst children are a promise of immortality, they are forced to confront the condition of the environment nowadays.

The work includes:

  • –  Physical sculptures and objects that could help us understand what responsibility we

    should have for our children and planet;

  • –  Digital renders from the world, virtually created for this project;
  • –  An immersive VR application for Oculus Quest 2 Goggles. An installation explores

    the bonds that connect emotional and physical states of humanity with the state of our planet. Using multiple sources, I created a digital space for exploration that contains metaphoric and implicit information on the topic.

    For exhibition any variety of items described above can be used, alone or together, depending on the size of space, available budget or technical needs.



Ekaterina Kovalenko, born 20.12.1990 in Moscow, Russian Federation.


  • –  The Ilya Glazunov Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture,

    Moscow as specialist in sculpture, Moscow, Russian Federation, 20092015.

  • –  Qualification course UDK ARTIST TRAINING for Professionals Modul “BASIC III for

    Freelance Artists”, Berlin, Germany, 2019 Grants:

– The German Federal Program “NEWSTART for artists” Stipendium Module D: Digital Formats, Berlin, Germany, 2021-2022

Participant of group and solo exhibitions since 2013. Freelance artist and teacher (drawing and sculpture) since 2015. Sculpture teacher at Sreda Obuchenia Online Contemporary Art School.

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


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