Fabrizio Tedeschi born in Brescia in 1957 attended painting courses in his hometown and studied Art at D.A.M.S. in Bologna, participating in numerous group exhibitions. From 1990 to 1993 he lived in Rome alternating his painting activity with collaboration with some film and television productions. He currently lives in Brescia. After an initial figurative experience he switched to a gestural painting made of repeated abstract and anti-symbolic signs that emphasize the deepest cues of his unconscious. The result is a use of traditional materials mixed with traces of residual newspapers. Fabrizio Tedeschi creates his works around the concept of the totem, a mystical and religious symbol common to the peoples of the five continents, from American Indians to Central African tribes, realized, however, by “unrolling” on canvas or using the symbolic materials of our era: plastic and paint. Characterized by a strong, decidedly textural chromatism similar to oriental textiles or Indian carpets pervaded by magical exotic symbologies, Fabrizio Tedeschi’s painting develops on an emotional level towards allegorical and spiritual meanings in the context of metropolitan ethnic groups, communicating an intense search for a natural fusion between matter and spirit.


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