Born in 1955, Nato Sirbiladze lives in Tbilisi, though her style deviates strongly from the quintessential Tbilisi artistic school, and she differs drastically from other artists of her generation. She’s not about preserving or continuing traditions. On the contrary, she is in stark contrast with accepted artistic norms. Better still, she is not professionally trained in fine arts. She is a trained librarian. Nato’s imaginary world, Sancta Simplicitas (Holy Simplicity), artlessness, and translucent, sparkling colorfulness, also bodies and their weightlessness, repeatedly emerge in each of her pictures. Her search and artistry come across as observations on life and humanity’s memory, ancient memory in which complexity lies in simplicity…. Seemingly simple to all, warm and familiar, this environment in nowise implies directness. The artist, like an experienced physician, is speaking to you on sophisticated metaphysical topics. And precisely this naïve narrative and optical spotlessness, this riot of colors, make a peculiar type of ancient memory in which the unfamiliar and the familiar meet after a long pause.


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