Rope meets noise was grounded in 2018, and is ongoing, changing with every context, location or curatorial needs. It is a crossover project using performance, shibari and noise music generated in real time (also by the movements of the performers) by Ann Antidote and Notorische Ruhestörung, two queer/female artists based and active in Berlin.

In this performance we combine our common taste for bondage and noise music, and we use instruments as basic as possible to compose and improvise (both music and bondage) in real time. The instruments we use include circuit bending, DIY oscillators, Infra red detectors, contact mikes, or salvaged tape recorders, but cyborg sky is the limit, because we will not exclude a device just because someone declared it as not functional or not musical.

Ann Antidote (n.p./they)  is an autodidact DIY artist, active in the fields of shibari, film, installation, music and performance. They have been active in the politics of inclusive and solidary lifeforms, and queer, sex-positive lifestyles as valid, viable and respect-deserving options. This political work and the criticism that follows permeate their artistic work, which has been presented world wide, in contexts ranging -and without distinction –  from co-op living projects, parties, street structures to art biennales, museums and galleries.

Notorische Ruhestörung is an artist, organizer and activist mainly focusing on sound and music, but also active in other fields such as video, performance, zines and painting, DIY noisy electronics and improvisation. As a long-term member of the Berlin DIY, collective- & self-organized scene, Notorische Ruhestoerung is always interested in social struggles and real life experiences on how to be a more genuine and upright person.

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