Slagjiana, oil on handmade embroidered cloth, 67×67 cm, 2021

Arita and Éc, oil on handmade embroidered cloth, 40×87 cm 2021

Rakhi, oil and block printing on canvas 85×106 cm, 2019

Arpita, oil, acrylic and block printing on canvas 85×106 cm, 2019

 Luana&Olimpia, oil on canvas 100×80 cm, 2016 

Sugar, oil and block printing on canvas 150×100 cm, 2021

Artist Statement

Common sense depicts the concept of “generation” as the fact of being born in a determined period, and of living a common cultural and social climate, that leaves a trace in our way of feeling, how we think and act.
I believe that history has not just been made by kings or wars, but by common people. People who are almost all lost by the memory of time. I do not want my generation to get lost.

I have an idea of generation as a story being told and I aim to portray its beauty: the beauty of its happiness, the beauty of its pain.

My work is mostly dedicated to the stories of women. A constant source of interest is the contradictions that shape societies, especially regarding women and the intrinsicate contradiction they (we) live in: the duality between the poeticized image as saint, muse, goddess, and the inequality she faces in the real world through the constant request from the society to blend in, while the working condition are often unbalanced..

At the same time I am also very influenced by the tradition of portrait coming from my italian roots, as well as the arts and crafts from all over the world, therefore I chose to use the traditional format of portrait, adapting it to the era I live in, and to the traditions I encounter on my path and on my projects.

Beyond the portrait I like to examinate the history and traditions of places and link them to our current world, through different media.
My aim is to find a bridge between the collective memory of a culture, often bore by handicraft manifactures, and the individual stories of those who work to create this memory




I was born on December 29th,1981 born in Viterbo, Italy.
I attanded the High School for foreign languages, studing english, french, spanish and latin.
In 2000 I moved to Rome to attend the Academy of Fine Art, where I graduated cum Laude as MA in Visual Arts in 2005.

In 2006 I started attending the MA in Contemporary Art History at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, where I graduated in 2010.
In the meanwhile, I moved to Berlin, Germany, in 2007, where I have been living and working in Berlin until now. During the last 15 years I also lived and worked in Greece (2012 and 2013) and Spain (2014). @silviasarsano_studio

Selected Exhibitions:

2020 „Her Honest Self“ solo exhibition, Aquabit Art Gallery Berlin, Germany
„Domani in Arte“, digital group exhibition, Galleria d ́Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale, Rome, Italy „In between 5“, group exhibition and artist residency, Green Hill Gallery, Berlin Germany

2019 Artist residency „Chander Haat“, Kolkata, India
Group exhibiton and Open Studios, Studios ID, Berlin (Germany)

2017 “Kunst Boulevard 2017”,group exhibition by Kulturamt Steglitz- Zehlendorf, Boulevard, Berlin (Germany)

2016 Solo exhibition, Meisterschueler, Berlin (Germany)
Chouftohonna : 2. Festival of feminist art, Centre Mad ́Art Carthage, Tunis

2015″Sinn- Licht (The art of Inclusion)”, Workshop and group exhibition, Schillerpalais, Berlin (Germany)

2012 48 Stunde Neukölln, group exhibition c/o Transformationsalon, Berlin (Germany)

2011 Group exhibition “Welten Daneben/Highway Europa”, Cologne (Germany)
Group exhibition „Star(t)dust“ by Plasticine Factory, Acquire Art Gallery, London (UK)

2010 Solo exhibition “Essere è solo un ruolo”, Sala degli almadiani, Viterbo (Italy)
Group exhibition “The Dream Machine –chapter 1: diary of a dna”,Acquire Art Gallery London (UK) Group exhibition “Polymorphoenix: 1.transformance festival” Alte Post, Berlin Neukölln (Germany)

2009 Solo exhibition “Eros e dintorni”, Caffè Letterario La Galleria, Cefalù , Palermo (Italy) Group exhibition Humans & Gods, Infantellina Contemporary, Berlin (Germany)

2008 Group exhibition (with Fortner Anderson and Lee Salomone), Galerie -december-, Berlin (Germany) 2007 Solo exhibition „Gloss“, Art‘n‘Beat. Rome (Italy)
2006 Solo exhibition, Casc Banca d ́Italia, Rome (Italy)
2003 Group Exhibition, Galleria S. Pellegrino, Viterbo (Italy)

Gravures group exhibition, Centro per l‘Incisione e la Grafica d‘Arte, Formello, Rome (Italy)

Artist in Residence
2021 Loja – Center for bankan cooperation, Tetovo, North Macedonia (supported by Goethe Institut) 2019 Chander Haat, Kolkata, India
2018 and 2020 Green Hill Gallery Berlin, Germany


2021 „Currency – A women ́s work“, solo exhibition, Loja – Center for Balkan Cooperation, Tetovo, North Macedonia Unblock Fair Art Fair, Studios Id, Berlin