Red Landscape 2019 oil on canvas 40x40cm

Red Reclining Nude 2018 oil on canvas 50x60cm

Intervention 2018 oil on canvas 40x50cm

Woman Before a Mirror_2022 oil on canvas 23x30cm

Woman with Paranoia 2018 oil on canvas 40x50cm

American Flag 2019 oil on canvas 50x60cm

Broken Blue Sky, oil on canvas, 60x80cm 2023

Laughter of the Gods, oil on canvas, 90x130cm 2023

 Blue Sky, Red Altar, oil on canvas, 100x120cm 2023

Red Landscape, oil on canvas, 40x40cm 2019

1. Ghost Portrait with Thermometer, oil pastel on paper, 21 x 29.7cm 2021

2. Ghost Portrait, oil on canvas, 2022

3. Triangle Portait, oil on canvas, 30x35cm, 2023

4. Fire Portrait, oil on canvas, 24x30cm, 2023

5. Red Portrait, colored pencil on paper, 15x20cm 2021

Artist Bio and Statement
R. Drada (b. 1986) is an American artist based in Berlin, Germany.

The works of R. Drada are about those who are living in the shadow of power. Female figures face the viewer while contorting themselves in misery and their spirits seethe in alarming colors, signifying paranoia, scattered shames and darkening pains. Resentment, paranoia, anger radiate the atmosphere in the background. Here, no emotion is ever invisible again. R. Drada’s violent exuberance is the reverse of inhibitions, the wild blaring of each and every emotion of regularly ignored, not only categorized but alive on their own means. Emotions are not simply the products of their human hosts, but live and breathe independently. They haunt the atmosphere of their human figures, but travel on further, populating landscapes with their breadth of intensity. Colors are selected not for their playfulness but follow the rule of the jungle– the brighter the colors, the more poison they offer. Daring, dragged paint signifies the refusal to comply and suggest the exasperation at being required to comply or contort oneself into tortuous forms. R. Drada even enlists the thickness of resistant, stubborn paints to drag viewers into these figures of sullen and colorful resistance.