Nachbarschaftszentrum Brunnentreff. Volkssolidarität-Berlin. For most people Thailand is a venue of some exotic holidays. Not quite so for the local populations. Thai artist Manita Kaewsomnuk who lives and works in Berlin will make a performance as a sign of protest against the anti-democratic regime in Thailand. Her portraits and video commemorate people who are against the Thai government and its autocratic monarch. The exhibition shows  “fragile” portraits of  protesters who disappeared during the political repressions during the recent history drawn by the artist from memory.

photo credits: Aum Thiwa

Video still. Manita Kaewsomnuk. Where Is Democracy?

Artist Biography

Manita Kaewsomnuk was born in 1990, Bangkok, Thailand. She is a visual artist. Painting and drawing are generally her preferred mediums, but she is increasingly experimenting with diverse methods, such as sculpture, paper collage, printmaking and video. Having been born and raised in a family of artists, arts naturally grows as her main passion. She graduated from Silpakorn University, Thailand, in program of Visual Communication Design.


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