Kristin Zibell. Grandmothers

Participation Free. The workshop will invite all participants to speculate and exchange on the female lines of continuities in their lives through open speculation on the life experiences and influences their grand-mothers have on them and in which way their present has been formed by their grandmothers. Everyone is kindly asked to bring an object that symbolically connects to her grandmother be it blood-relative or of a chosen family or community. At the end a symbolic object will be hand-made by each participant that would represent and/or carry on her grand-mother related emotional energies.

Date: 24.11.2023. 16-18.30p.m. ADDRESS: Nachbarschaftszentrum Brunnentreff

Brunnenstr. 145/ (U Bahn Bernauerstrasse/ Berliner Mauerdenkmal), 10115, Berlin

Participants are kindly requested to come up on time if the circumstances allow being slightly late is fine however not later than 18.00 p.m.

Manita Kaewsomnuk: Art Workshop Philosophy of Fruits and Body

Participation Free. The workshop will offer a hands on practical course in drawing /sketching human body and fruits as well as open up a discussion about the art historical relevance and evolvement of the fruit and bodily motives in the history of painting. No previous painting skills are required. All age groups are welcome.



The interplay between fruits and body symbolize human philosophy.

Dates: 17.11.2023 16-18-30 p.m.

Fruits could be associated with social constructs of sex, as the same gender is a symbolic creation in society. The physical traits of fruits; shape, taste, and fragrant could identify masculinity or femininity.

In this project, feminine traits of fruit practice as gender symbolism. Seeds, roundness, sweetness, and seasonality, which are seen to be in fruits. It portrays with the part of human body, to demonstrate the connotation of humanity. How fruits could conceptualize ritual, myth, moral codes, and beliefs in society. The integration between my cultural background from Asia and the Western scene surroundings are initials to investigate and interpret the human philosophy of fruits through a feminist lens.

Fruit’s physical characteristics could illustrate the relationship between connotation meaning and humanity universally and regionally. Nickname is given for fruits, which is gendering as king and queen, father and mother. For example, mango is known as the king of fruit throughout the world. Contrastingly, Durian is commonly known as the king of fruit and is paired with mangosteen as the queen of fruit in Southeast Asia. Besides, fruit is symbolized as the universal symbol of women’s beauty.

All across the globe, fruits are performed in ritual expression, myth, and belief systems. In Southeast Asia culture, it is used as symbolic objects in ritual, religious and spiritual ceremonies. It makes use of symbols to pray for a wish or protection from god and spiritual beings. Fruit is representative of human desire, such as love, wealth, joyfulness, and luckiness.

To investigate how fruit could associate with perception, and feeling in different gender, age, and cultural background.
We concentrate on physical characteristic of fruits, which represents feminine traits ; roundness, seeds, fragrance. And it would be used as subject in this workshop.

Expected Outcome
– Interpretation of relation between humanity and fruit through the painting still life from participant. – Painting of fruit still life with definition of color expression.

Painting Exercise
We will do fruit still life painting in 1.5 hrs. Participant could express their interpretation through colors. Participants will create own definitions of color expression according to their perception and background.

After the painting session, participation could explain their definition of fruits. In conclusion, we could experiment how people could connote this gender symbol to their human philosophy different people’s lenses.
Regarding technique, learning fundamental painting with acrylic color, to understand basic constructive drawing, and color expression using.


Further Workshops will be announced soon


Pic. 1. Manita Kaewsomnuk. Still (A) Life. Cycle

Pic. 2. Kristin Zibell. Grandmothers

All art works and objects created during the workshops will be exhibited in a final group show at the Brunnentreff Volkssolidarität in December 2023.





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