Poster. Work Show 4. Diana Sprenger

Exhibition View. Diana Sprenger

Exhibition View. Silvia Sarsano

Dominic Rogic

Exhibition View. Diana Sprenger

Exhibition View. Diana Sprenger, Silvia Sarsano, Dominic Rogic

Dominic Rogic, Silvia Sarsano

Dominic Rogic, Silvia Sarsano

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Georgia Today Newspaper review of the Work Show 1 Exhibition with the works by women artists participants of the X-treme Women Art Prize and of artists represented on the e-merginG artistS platform. Full article on

Tagree Magazin on Women Art Prize/X-treme:

Georgia Today

Work Show 4. Participating Artists. Diana Sprenger, Dominic Rogic, Silvia Sarsano. Curator Lily Fürstenow. Adress: Nachbarschafftszentrum Brunnentreff. Brunnenstrasse 145. 10115 Berlin.

Exhibition Duration 23.1. – 12.2.2022. Framework program: discussions and workshops each Friday 16 p.m. participation and visits by appointment:  or tel. 0151 614 38 978

Women Art Prize/X-treme: Online Exhibition

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