Workshop  by Al Fadhil Coffee and Sketchbooks. The workshop by a Swiss based Iraqi Artist Al Fadhil during the Berlin Art Week focused on creative possibilities in artistic practice offered by sketchbooks of one’s own making as an alternative to the digital media and hi-tech appliances like smart phones and tablets. Sketch-books as a source of artistic inspirations were analysed and made by each participant for further use in daily lives. Additionally alternative ways of artistic quest and art-marketing were discussed in the follow-up Q&A. 

The Shadow Herbarium Workshop by artist Ana Krstic from Former Yugoslavia focused on the shadowy practices of environmental pollutions and exploitation  of former colonial territories  as well as post-war areas globally as well as in Central and Eastern Europe as the follow-up development of the military conflict in Jugoslavia. the workshop participants were invited to search the neighbourhood for local urban plants, collect some for their private herbarium to commemorate the event and to sketch the collected plant by a special technique invented by the artist representing the shadow outlines of the collected plants respectively. 

All art works and objects created during the workshops will be exhibited in a final group show at the Brunnentreff Volkssolidarität in December 2023. 

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