Baukran aus Geld     The Destruction Cranes of Money’
                      – Developers use the construction crane of money to destroy our environment.

Dr Lily Furstenow of ARE (Artistic Research Encounters, Berlin) invited me to make a series of 24 A4 sized artworks to be displayed in the windows facing the street of the Volkssolidaritat Community Space, which is situated on the corner of 190 TorstraBe and TucholskystraBe. The Mitte district has been an ‘up and coming area’ of Berlin since the fall of the wall. But what does this process really mean, and what is really going on  ?

One theme we discussed was how privately owned property developers were “stealing”  publically owned land between building plots, in order to develop further “luxury” residential property and fashionable and expensive shops and restaurants, thus maximising their corporate profits.

In the developing world a parallel strategy to this is called “land grabbing”, often seen as Imperialist,  unopposed through political corruption, where unchartered areas of nature are taken over by Global Corporations. For example an environmentally important rain forest is burnt and cleared for cattle meat rearing, then abandoned as barren when used up, thus doubly adding to the irreversible Global Environmental crisis of Climate change through CO2 and methane emission.

Here, in our local urban setting, land that is not registered correctly as in public or local council authority ownership is “stolen”, or purchased at a substantial discount from central government underfunded local authorities,  build on, and then taken into private ownership as residential, often comparatively unaffordable housing space. 

So, mini parks, public facilities, a place to meet, to sit and socialise for free, a place for children to play and enjoy the outside world, are taken away by stealth – never to be returned – thus adding to an urban social and mental health crisis. The total opposite of a successful social urban space, such as the Heinrich-Lassen Park or Wochenmarkt in Crellestraße in Schöneberg.

I made this work visiting friends during a 10 day Covid quarantine period in December 2021 in MansteinstraBe near Red Island, as a new coalition government was being formed in the shadow of a vaccination information-war induced pandemic healthcare crisis.

Coincidentally at the same time that this was happening my studio workspace in London (in an old industrial building in a factory area in the South of the City) had been sold to property developers, and the artists renting this space as part of a housing association scheme (Acme) were being moved out and the building being gutted under duress of a huge non-compliance legal fine.

Legislation – concerning the change of building use from industrial to residential – is currently being fought out at a local level in a zone that the London council of Lambeth have designated for local employment and working space (KIBA), but is being contested by private property developers.  

So, the theme of a development battle goes on in London, Berlin and indeed around the world.

These pictures show a construction crane grabbing land everywhere.  The holes in the metal structure of the crane are in the shapes of different signs for different currencies of money used in different countries – Pound Stirling. Euros, Yen, Dollar, Rouble, Rupee etc.

This is because the companies that grab land around the world are funded from international funds in international currencies, buying political influence and legal power. Slowly, slowly, it happens before our eyes. We must organise to stop it. But first, we must become aware that the destruction of all our environments is happening, it is what Kurt Tucholsky might have seen.

  Yair Meshoulam 2021.  


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Art Education

1986-88       Royal College of Art, MA (Painting)

1982-85       Oxford University, Scholarship, BFA Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art / St Edmund      
                       Hall  (Painting/Printmaking).

2022        Group Show ‘The Art of Vinyl 001’ Artist Showcase East Place Studios ft Dj Silverlingdubs
                  at Brixton Art Club, Coldharbour Lane, London
2021       Group Show ‘Work Show 1’ ARE Begenungstatte Brunnenstr  Berlin-Mitte  Berlin Art Week
               ‘Portico Platform’  Group Show . ‘Signs of our Time’ Large Mobiles in Auditorium of 
                          Portico Gallery/Performance Space,  West Norwood London.
                Lambeth Open Studios Acme Studios East Place West Norwood, London
2020       ‘Poetry Strands’ Text Street Installation Wonderland Wild West Norwood,  Railway Road    
                           West Norwood Station, corner  Hannen Road/ A215 London.
                ‘Algorithm of Signs’  Online Project Berlin ARE Artistic Research Encounters
                ‘Algorithm of Signs’ Mobiles Solo Show The Book & Record Bar, West Norwood London.                               
2019        Solo Show & Book Launch ‘Cosmos & Chaos  -Textures of Consciousness Volume 2′
                           Gallery GH36 36 GroBhamburgerStr. Mitte Berlin /Tambar Press.
                           Co curated by Dr. Lily Furstenow e-merging artists.
                Open Studios Acme Studios East Place West Norwood, London
                Artists Yard Sale, Roseberrys Auction House, West Norwood, London
                ‘Protest’ 3 Person Show with Christine Kuhn and Grant Simon Rogers, MansteinStr.
                       Schoenberg Berlin.
2018         ‘Ink, Paper & Print’  Fair, Winter Gardens, Margate.
                 Co-Curated Photographic Work Michael Sagel, Cafe Gallery MansteinStr., Berlin
2017         Group Show ‘Curious SE27’ Rosebery’s Auction House West Norwood, London
                 Two Person Show ‘Signs in Motion’ with Martin Grover The Book & Record Bar, West
                          Norwood, London.                               
                 Group Show ‘Surface Explorers’ at St Luke’s Church, West Norwood, London
                           all part of ‘Curious SE27’ Art Trail / Feast, West Norwood, London.
                 Woolwich Contemporary Print  Fair, Brocket Gallery Woolwich London. 
                 ‘Talking Writing’ The Book & Record Bar, West Norwood,  London.
                 Translation Work Videos LIS e.V. The Association – Help for People with Locked- in-
                      Syndrome & Documentary about Michael Sagel English Versions Catalina Films Berlin. 
2016         ‘Digital Wasteland’ Video of ‘House of Data’ Shown at The Eiger Studios Gallery, Leeds
                        curated by Sid Jim
                 Open Studios Acme Studios East Place West Norwood, London
                 Berlin Group Show ‘Flag/ Flaggen’ Weekend Gallery 35th Anniversary Show in
                       memory of Jacques Naum,  ECC European Creative City Kunsthalle WeiBensee,
                      curated by Hanna Mauermann.
2015         Co-Curating ‘Hand und Schrift / Hand and Written – Christine Kuhn 1953-2011’ Galerie                            Luckstrasse, Berlin                                                                                                                                                                       Group Show ’40 x 40′ GX Gallery Camberwell.
                 Group Show ‘A Letter in Mind’ Neurology Appeal, Oxo Tower Gallery,
                      Southbank, London.
                   Solo Show with Book Launch  ‘Textures of Consciousness’ (Tambar Press), The
                     Record & Book Bar, West Norwood, London.
                  Two person Show with Martin Grover ‘Vinyl Cities & other stories’, The Record
                     & Book Bar, West Norwood, London.
                   Solo Show at The Indigo Tree, Streatham, part of A23 Arts Festival.
                   Group Show, Gallery 442, Streatham, part of A23 Arts Festival.
2014           Solo Show  ‘The Texture of Consciousness’ The Weekend Gallery, Charlottenburg, Berlin.
                   Open Studios, Acme Studios Carlew House, West Norwood, London.
                   Co-Curating ‘Installations in Changing Times: Christine Kuhn 1953-2011’ Kessellhaus
                     Museum Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hertzberge, Lichtenberg, Berlin.
                   Group Show ‘Curious Exchange’ Dulwich Baths, London.
                  Co-Curating ‘Photographs of Installations by Christine Kuhn 1953-2011’ The Weekend 
                      Gallery, Charlottenburg, Berlin.
                   Two person Show with Marin Grover. Xmas Show at The Record & Book Bar,
                     West Norwood, London.
                   Group Show, St Edmund Hall, Oxford.      
2013          Art Trail Brixton Market ‘Collectables 5th Avenue’
2012            Two Person Show ‘Arab Spring’ with Jad Salman (Paris/Palestine) at The
                       Weekend Gallery, Charlottenburg, Berlin.
                   ‘Curious’ Art Trail West Norwood Cemetery, London.  ‘Spirit Bird Boxes’
                   ‘Curious’ Works on Paper Group Show, portico Gallery, West Norwood, London.
                    Co-Curating ‘Christine Kuhn 1953-2011 Memorial Show at The Weekend
                       Gallery, Charlottenburg, Berlin.
                    Open Studio, Acme Studios, Carlew House, West Norwood, London.
                    ‘Wallpapered Furniture’, West Norwood ‘Feast Festival’, & DoopoDoopo Forest Hill.
                     Songwriting Workshop ‘Now I gotta reason’ with Pete Astor, Jerwood Space, Union                          Street, London SE1.          
                     Group Show, Portico Gallery, West Norwood, London
2011             Group Show, St Edmund Hall, Oxford University.
                      Dulwich Open Studios, Acme Studios,  Carlew House, West Norwood, London.
2010             ‘Late at Tate’ Tate Britain ‘Shards of Utopia’ Lecture/Performance/Music with
                  Steven Levon (Ounanian) Curated Cecelia Wee.
                      Performance-Music with Steven Levon. Barbican Gallery during Ron Arad Show.
                      Performance-Music with Steven Levon. Stoke Newington International Airport.
                      Performance-Music with Steven Levon LondonNewcastle  Neville Brody Space
                        Redchurch Street, London.  Curated Cecelia Wee.
                      Performance-Music ‘The Incredible Trip to the Holy Mountain’ Curated by Arts Admin
                       Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel, London.
                      Group Show, Elm Green School, West Norwood, London.

2009         Group Show Lambeth Open
        Video Web project ‘Bureau de Change’  Bank of Hope                               
2008         Two person Show ‘Wall Street’ Installation & Performance, Shunt, London.

                      Urban Arts, Brixton, London

2007              Open Studio ASC 246 Stockwell Road Brixton London

2006         Group Show ‘Technology of Enchantment’ Gallery CVA @ Menier London

2005         Group Show 198 Gallery Brixton London

        Group Show IJAYA Ben Uri Gallery  @ Tram Studios Camden Town London

        Open Studio ASC 246 Stockwell Road Brixton London

2004              Open Studio ASC 246 Stockwell Road Brixton London

Group Show, 198 Gallery, Brixton, London

2003 Selected Group ‘Director’s Choice’ – Work to be purchased by the Ben Uri Collection, Ben Uri Gallery, London

2003         Selected Group Show, Limmud, Conference, Bromley College, Kent

2002         Selected Group Show, 291 Gallery Hackney, London

        Selected Group Show, Ben Uri, Jewish Artist of the Year, Angel, London 

2001                    Selected Group Show, ‘Secret’, RCA, London Out

2000                    Selected Group Show, ‘Contemporary Ceremonial Art’, Succah, Jewish 

                      Museum, Camden Town, London

1999              Selected Group Show, ‘Jewish Magic and Mysticism’, Jewish Museum,

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 House Show, Brixton, London

1998              Solo Show  ‘Androids, Robots and Golems’ Trevelyan College, Durham 


                      Solo Show Works on Paper 1988-1998 Ozten Zeki Gallery, Brompton Cross, 


                      Group Show Ozten Zeki Gallery, Brompton Cross, London

                      Open Studio Show, Parade Mews Studios, Tulse Hill, London

1997 Solo Show  ‘Robots’, Ozten Zeki Gallery, Brompton Cross, London.

                      Group Show, Ozten Zeki Gallery, Brompton Cross, London.       

  Group Show, Connoisseur Gallery, Marylebone, London

1996              Two Person Show, Städtischen Galerie Haus Seel, Public Art Gallery, Siegen, 


  Whitechapel Open Studios, Childers Street Open, New Cross, London

  Group Show, Fitch’s Ark, Little Venice, London

  Group Show, ‘Beyond England’ -Internationally Exhibited Art RCA 

                          Graduates, Hockney Gallery, London.

  Group Show, Art Connoisseur Gallery, Marylebone, London.

1995                Two Person Show, Curated by Julia Weiner, Boston Consultancy, Mayfair, 


  Single Stall, Alternative Art Market, Alternative Arts, Spitalfields Market, 


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1992     Selected for Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London

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                        Group Show ‘East Meets West’, Smith’s Gallery, Covent Garden, London

1990   Portobello Open, Tabernacle Gallery, Portobello Road

1989                Selected for Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London

  Three Person Show, Gallery Dagmar, Dulwich, London

1988                Degree Show, Painting Department, Royal College of Art, London 

1982-1985 Scholarship, St. Edmund Hall/Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art,  

                       Oxford University.

Collections   Sure Start, Lambeth Education London; Oxfordshire Health Authority, John Radcliffe     Hospital; St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University; Simmonds; Whitton; 


Workshops     Rosendale Primary School, South London.  Artweek 2001

Winchester School of Art, Foundation Course, Visiting Lecturer.

    Winchester School of Art, Art History Course, Visiting Lecturer.

                        Summer School Norwich, Wiltshire, Cambridge. 

Day job

2021             Georgia Today Review of  ‘Work Show 1 ‘ Berlin Art Week
2019            ‘Cosmos & Chaos – Textures of Consciousness Volume 2 by Yair Meshoulam
                        and Friends’  Tambar Press ISBN  978-1-910133-17-0
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